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5 oct 2010
So, yesterday I wrote that i'm going to post in this blog in english. It's propbably that I do a lot of faults. I'm so sorry, my english sucks. But I think this is a good idea for practice a bit everyday and everywhere xD
Let's start!

Today I woke up soon and I ate a piece of cake of dulce de leche. It was delicious <3 Then I just talk with a "special" friend, you know xD
For lunch I prepared a "Pasta Salad" with sausage, omelet and cheese; and we saw with my mum and sisters Extreme Makeover the american version.
After that I played sims 2 for a long time and then I cleaned the bathrooms.
At night we saw CSI ^-^

Well, my day was a normal day. A boring day. But some things made me happy x)
Tomorrow I must wake up early because the plumber it's coming to repear some things. Then I have to go to the optician's because my sunglasses are broken u_u
So, tomorrow I'll show you my Ray Ban!

I have to go, I got a headache u_u

When I got a headache, my face is like psyduck's face x)

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  1. ia veo k as empezado a escribir en ingles <333!
    bien asi practico yo tmabien leyendote XD
    ay yo ace tiempo k tengo ganas d jugar a los sims de nuevo, pero es que me canso muy rapido de los juegos XD


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